How do you eat yours?

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Mungbean and chive chickpea crisp bread - just plain with a nice glass of red - would be good in snack size. Good with all things dairy.

Amira p - Sun Mar 2 2014

Tried the French Lentil Cuisinées pot, with sweet potato mash, sauteed leeks and steamed broccoli. Delicious!

Martin - Sun Nov 4 2012

I discovered your one-pot meals today in Waitrose. I have just eaten the Italian Pasta e Fagioli for my tea and felt compelled to leave some feedback. 10 out of was delicious!! I served it with a large wedge of crusty wholemeal bread which I used to mop up the sauce! It tasted really rustic and wholesome. As a health conscious vegetarian I struggle to find quick and easy meals that live up to my high standards but this certainly did and I can\'t wait to try the other varieties!! Thank you :o)

Emily - Tue Sep 18 2012

Thoroughly enjoyed your african palava last night. I love brown beans and applaud and support your purchase of same via the Fairtrade system. All natural ingredients and no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives very much appeals to me also. I added a good handful of large Honduran prawns to the hotpot, had a nice crispy, onion flavoured, mini baguette and half a bottle of red wine. Delicious, filling and healthy and will definitely buy more from my local Booths store.

Jeff - Wed Jul 18 2012

I had the Spanish Puchero for lunch yesterday and the Indian Sambar today. Both were delicious, but as a pregnant woman, I am trying to increase my iron intake so it would be very helpful if you could indicate the amount of iron per serving. I understand beans are good sources of iron, but need to know about how many mgs are in each serving. Thank you

Jennifer - Wed Jul 11 2012

I\'m always on the look out for quick meals that have good quality ingredients. When I found the African Palava and saw that it was Fairtrade as well, I thought you could not get a more perfect one-pot meal. Plus it tastes absolutely delicious, especially with Quinoa and broadbeans, yum yum! Thank you!

Jen - Wed Jun 20 2012

Thank you for making such a beautiful dhal! Just heated the dhal up in a saucepan and having come in from a long run I added half a packet of lentils to make it more of a meal. DELICIOUS! First dhal I have eaten outside India that tasted anything like the real thing. Not a veggie, but thank you for making me such a great meal.

Sarah - Mon Mar 19 2012

Being a complete food snob and loving to cook fresh, healthy and tasty food everyday I was skeptical as to how these bots would turn out. I have to say, I have never \"bean\" (excuse the pun!) more pleasantly surprised. Not only are these pots convenient, they taste amazing and are extremely healthy. Great grab for lunch, especially after the gym seeing as they are packed with protein, veg and a good carb- African Pavla being the best for this. I also love the Moroccan Tagine, which I microwave and serve with freshly cooked cous cous or brown rice and some lovely hummus on the side. Just to add that homemade touch, I whack a bit of coriander on for garnish. Recommend these pots to anyone!

Hannah - Tue Jan 31 2012

Bought 2 pots from Booths which has just opened at Media City in Salford. Tried the African Palava for lunch at work yesterday, it\'s the best lunch I have ever had. Tried the Spanish Puchero today and it too is fab. Can\'t wait to try the others.

Jan - Wed Jan 25 2012

I have just eaten the bestest single-meal-in-a-pot that I have ever had. I picked up the African Palava from Waitrose because I needed a meal in a rush, and was amazed at the taste and texture! You have converted me.

Martin Nield - Fri Oct 14 2011

For a meal for 3 I dry fry(no oil) some chicken breast add the sauce and some fresh chunky tomatoes and serve with rice or the traditional couscous for a morocan feast, its with out a doubt brilliant

philip c - Thu Sep 22 2011

just eaten African palava at my desk. needed a spoon rather than a fork, bu it was delicious, and i didn\'t need anything else to make me feel full. might have some crusty bread if i was really hungry another time.

ginnie - Fri Sep 2 2011

Pots full of spreading the word in my workplace as the only way to lunch - not only delicious but ethical too, perfect. Please stay independent!

Ade - Thu Jul 28 2011

6th day with no kitchen as having some work done - just back from sainsbury\'s Norwich with your great little pots. Fantastic tasty meal - we\'ve been eating lots of micro stuff this wk and this is the best by far! Much better size than a very similar producer as not so big. Also can eat the chicken without wondering where it came from and fair trade - bonus!!!!

Moni - Mon Jun 20 2011

I love the Moroccan Tangine and I\'ll eat it by itself with some salad on the side! It\'s a great meal for lunch or dinner and I found it\'s really fantastic for my diet. I hope you guys get more stockists!

Natasha Rooney - Tue May 24 2011

I never normally email about this kind of thing but the two pots I have tried so far (from our new Waitrose in Cheam Village) were so delicious that I have to congratulate you. Loved the Moroccan tagine and also the Broad Bean potage with tarragon was to die for. It would be great to have bigger pots to use when friends come to dinner. I would definitely buy them as a treat. Yum.

miranda palmer - Thu Jul 29 2010

African Palava... best ready meal i\'ve ever had... wishing you all the best. Thanks and wow!!!

Guido - Fri Jun 25 2010

The nicest things I have tasted in a long time - just had Indian Sambar for supper with naan and mango chutney, and the Mexican Chilli last night with grated cheese and garlic bread. Oh - and the Morrocan Tagine for lunch at work with a pitta was fantastic too. My veggie intake has easily doubled this week (although I probably need to watch those carbs too...!). Really really delicious and lovely food - can\'t wait to try the others. Move over Innocent Veg Pots.....

Emma - Fri Sep 25 2009

With pork chops. I wanted to steam courgettes (home grown) for health but the idea of just that with the chops seemed boring. Moroccan Tagine poured over the chops just before they came out of the oven made a dull meal into a feast.

Jane Penson - Thu Jul 9 2009

Had the Puchero today at work (via microwave) with, unfortunately. stale bread role. Puchero even made the stale roll taste good as I soaked it in the sauce. Anything with chorizo wins my vote but the sauce was lovely and the veggies nice and chunky. Very tasty lunch - much better than the usual boring sandwich. Bought mine from the Southville Deli in Bristol - will definately be going back for more!!

Dawn England - Mon Mar 30 2009

With jacket potato skins.

George Litchfield - Thu Mar 5 2009

I bought a pot of Indian Sambar and warmed it up in a saucepan, I was so hungry I ate it straight out of the saucepan with some sweet chilli sauce, it was absolutely delicious and I can\'t wait to try your other products.

sharon hayward - Thu Feb 12 2009

I've just brought a pack of 5 via Somerset Food Direct - and ate the Moroccan beany tagine first. I served mine straight out of the microwave, accompanied by a couple of slices of homemade wholemeal bread and butter. Absolutey delicious. Remind me to buy in two's so I can enjoy with my husband - or serve to my children. I am now planning when to eat the remaining 4 and how... Your pots will become a regular on my SFD order. Love your story - and THANK YOU for using free range chicken. There is so little around in ready meals that I very rarely buy them. Cheers.

Donna - Tue Jan 27 2009

took some African Palaver to work, heated in m/w and ate with couscous - wonderful flavour and something different. So good to find "convenience" food which is healthy. I thought you might be interested to know that I go to Slimming World and a couple of your Bean pots fit in brilliantly with their way of eating. If you are not au fait with slimming world info. below may not mean a lot but think it wld be worth your while linking up with them. I have calculated what they call "syns" which is food value. If I got my calculations right works out as follows: Moroccan tagine - free on a green day Indian Sambar - 2.5 on green day Mex. chilli Free on green day and 6.5 original day (Am afraid the Puchero wld be off limits which I assume is due to chorizo and amount of fat.) This basically means that I can eat as much as I like of tagine or chilli with couscous, rice or jacket potato on a "green day". I can also count the others towards my total of 15 syns per day. I have alerted them to this and will certainly be passing it on as a tip as we can get them locally.

Val - Sat Jan 24 2009

We may share one pot between the two of us with rice and a chutney, if appropriate. Alternatively they do go well on their own with a good side salad and some toast. They are absolutely brilliant with baked potatoes when, again, they can be shared between two without any problem. If we are having curry I may add the sambar as another dish, but I do give you the credit if we have people in!

Geoff Larbalestier - Thu Jan 22 2009

Just finished eating your easybean moroccan tagine.. delicious! pleasantly surprised that a pre packaged vegetable food had such a rich flavour, and just enough salt. Well done! I had mine with re-fried mashed potato, to soak up the lovely sauce.

Kathy - Thu Dec 18 2008

The morrocan tagine is absolutely delicious just cold eaten straight out of the pot for lunch. Thankyou.

Leslie - Thu Dec 18 2008

I have just tried mexican chilli Easy Bean and loved it. It’s so delicious and so quick. I see it as a real treat and not a quick snack. I wish you much success and I look forward to trying the other varieties.

Katie - Thu Dec 18 2008

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