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Feed the birds!

January 31st, 2019


This Sunday, February 3, is Feed the Birds Day, a reminder that our feathered friends could do with  little help at this time of the year - and particularly at the moment - when it is generally cold, damp and possibly even snowy.

It also the time when food is scarce, frozen on the ground or hidden under the snow. So get out your bird feeder and give them a boost. Easy Beaners love all things seeds and nuts and so do birds.

Also – it will give you a chance to get into birdwatching, a really lovely and rewarding hobby.

Once you have made an effort to put out a little something, get into the habit until spring comes. Seeds are the best food for birds at this time of year, as they offer a high energy food source. Breads don’t offer nearly as much energy, but will do in a pinch.

And when you’ve done it, tweet about it!

Beating the chills

January 22nd, 2019


It’s that time of the year – when it can be hard to keep well and it seems every other person has a bad cold or worse.

If you do go down with a cold or cough then a duvet day may be in order, if it’s flu then you should definitely take it easy.

Antibiotics won’t help with flu and generally you will get better with a few days at home (as long as you are otherwise healthy) but you can help yourself feel better by:

- Resting
- Keeping warm
- Drinking plenty of water (to avoid dehydration)
- Taking a remedy to lower a high temperature and relieve aches and pains

Nutrition is also important so make sure you eat well. If you can’t face cooking, understandable of course, then head for the microwave and warm up an Easy Bean meal or two…

Absolutely fabulous

January 18th, 2019


More good news - our new crackers are on the shelves in Harvey Nichols Food Markets – Knightsbridge, Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds and Bristol!

Absolutely Fabulous!

A cracker of a week

January 17th, 2019


More good news this week - our new cracker range is on price promotion with Queenswood Natural Foods AND features on the front cover of their promotion booklet as well as Pages 3 and a nice feature on page 11 on ‘How it all began” – thank you Queenswood Natural Foods.


Source of inspiration!

January 10th, 2019


So excited - we will be exhibiting at the Source Trade Show in Exeter next month - joining our wholesaler Queenswood Natural Foods on its stand - C4. Traders, come and say hello, we have a wonderful story and wonderful products to show you.

The Source Trade Show (www.thesourcetradeshow.co.uk ) is a great mix of producers, hospitality and catering companies and food service businesses. As the organisers say, ‘Inspiration and opportunity on a plate.’.

We can’t wait. Wish us luck.

New Year bargain offer!

January 4th, 2019


Happy New Year one and all!

We start 2019 with some good news. Our one-pots are on offer at Ocado (www.ocado.com) - 3 for £8.00. Look for us the New Year, New You  section under Lighter Options and Veganuary.

If you are a fan of Veganuary reach for our French Cuisinées, Indian Sambar Dhal and Thai Edamame Curry, all of which are all gluten-free, dairy-free and suitable for vegans.

If your waistband is a little, ahem, tight, then you could try our New Mexican Chilli one-pot meal which is only 214kcal for a 320g pot (also gluten and dairy free). Or our Moroccan Tagine one-pot meal is only 211kcal for a 320g pot (gluten and dairy free).


Merry Christmas!

December 22nd, 2018


Merry Christmas - and thank you to all our customers, stockists and suppliers. We will be back in the New Year with exciting plans for 2019! In the meantime we send  you our very best wishes - and we hope you like this photo taken by talented staff member Sarah.

Cheesy grins!

December 15th, 2018


Christmas is coming - a time for eating, drinking and making merry!

If you’re looking for something tasty to nibble on with a glass of wine or sherry, what better than the traditional cheese and crackers?

Our crackers are perfect paired with a wedge of your Christmas stilton, something a little lighter or a traditional English Cheddar.

With their exotic flavours and crunchy texture our crackers (and crispbreads) make the perfect cheese and biscuits combination.

And while munching on your delicious snack you might like to ponder its history – cheese and crackers were provided to soldiers in the American Civil War and gave rise to the expression “a square meal”. Who knew?

Have a cracking Christmas!

What’s a hodmedod?

December 6th, 2018


Three cheers for a British supplier which provides an essential ingredients for several of our tastiest products.

Suffolk-based Hodmedod supply pea flour, which adds protein and a delicious flavour to tour Fava Bean & Poppy Seed, Green Pea & Chia Seed and Red Lentil & Poppy Seed crackers.

The company gathers various beans and pulses from farmers throughout East Anglia and mills them into flour before sending them onwards to our factory in the Somerset countryside.

What’s a hodmedod? It’s a local word for something round or curled up, so it can mean a snail, a hedgehog - or beans and peas. Hodmedod says: “We chose the word for the name of our business simply because we like the sound of it, and feel that it reflects our East Anglian backgrounds and represents part of our forgotten heritage.”

We’re so pleased with our links to this great company.

A vegan treat for Christmas

November 30th, 2018


The fabulous Vegan Larder in Bethnal Green is including our crackers in its two of its Christmas boxes the Gourmet box and a special pate box - both sound fantastic!

The Vegan Larder uses products which are completely vegan & palm oil free (with a gluten-free option). It also focuses on independent and ethical suppliers. This makes each box an exciting discovery to open.

The Pate Box combines three flavours of the most delicious pate from Patifu with crackers from Yours Truly and a delicious chutney.  The Christmas Gourmet Box features products from @anandafoods @nutcessity @fruitsoftheforage @friarschocolate Hej Gro and Patifu - and us!

Buy online from www.theveganlarder.com and also check them out on Insta and Twitter, @vegan_larder

And thanks guys, great to be working with you.