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Are you hanging up your stocking….


December is here - and it’s time to make some festive plans. We can help with that! Our Crispbreads and crackers are just perfect for afternoon or evening and guaranteed to keep all the family members happy.

Take our crackers for example. The range of three: Fava Bean & Poppy SeedGreen Pea & Chia Seed and Red Lentil & Poppy Seed are made with flours milled from pulses that provide a source of plant protein which is typically more than double the protein found in wholemeal wheat flour.

Fava bean (variety of broad bean) and green pea flours are sourced from Hodmedod’s and are milled from crops grown on British Farms.

They are delicious on their own and even more delicious with slivers of salmon, cheese or olives.

Mmmm - we wish it were Christmas Day already.