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Sharing the Big Picture


Some 4.8 million people live with diabetes in the UK It’s a serious condition which – regardless of type – can bring with it many challenges. And living with diabetes can be relentless.

This Diabetes Week (8th-14th June) – comes at a time when life is more challenging than ever before. The charity, Diabetes UK, is asking people to share their experiences using #TheBigPicture through their social media networks, to spread the message to more people than ever before.

Food is, of course, hugely important to people, whether or not they have diabetes. It’s a good time to remind everyone to make some healthy swaps - chips for salad for example (or at least half chips and half salad – we’re only human after all!). We’d also recommend our Chikpea Crispbreads in place of bread for a tasty lunch.

Diabetes UK also runs a Helpline which can be reached at 0345 123 2399 or via email at helpline@diabetes.org.uk