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Happy Father’s Day!


Father’s Day on Sunday will look a little different this year - but don’t be down-hearted, let’s get inventive. Dad’s favourite restaurant, sporting venue or pub will all have to wait until next year so we must look to DIY fun.

The forecast is good, so how about a surprise BBQ? Or if dad has a sweet tooth, how about a blindfold cake taste test challenge. Each family member could make a cake and compete to be crowned champion baker. To work off the calories, the cake test could be followed by games in the garden or the park. Perhaps pack up some sandwiches and enjoy a day-long hike - our crispbreads and crackers look good in a picnic basket!

Once you get home , how about a rounding off the day with a  nice glass or wine or a special Father’s day cocktail.n And, finally, don’t forget the family quiz!