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Healthy options


This seems to be a good time to think about healthier food choices.
Our ready meals are wholesome and delicious. They are a healthy addition to any diet as they are naturally low in fat and salt and high in fibre. Packed full of pulses and chunky veg, each 320g pot provides 2 to 3 of your 5-a-day.
The one-pot meals are based on authentic recipes from around the world and are dairy and gluten free. They are cooked in small batches without the use of starch thickeners they taste as good as homemade.
Our Moroccan Tagine pot contains 211 kcal and 8g of fat per 320g and is a delicious mix of chickpeas, aubergine and butternut squash infused with aromatic spices. New Mexican Chilli - Fairtrade red beans with sweet pepper in a richly spiced tomato and jalapeno chilli sauce - contains 214 kcal and 5.8g of fat per 320g. These are nutritious and filling lunches.
They taste delicious on their own or can be combined with healthy salads or rice to make a substantial evening meal.