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We would like everyone to say to a virtual ‘hello’ to our boss today. Nice to meet you all!

Our ‘Queen of Beans’ is Christina Baskerville. She points out that beans and legumes come in a wonderful variety of tastes and textures and are one of our most important sources of protein, nutrients and vitamins. They are also good for the environment because they add vital nitrogen to the soil as they grow.

Christina says: “Beans are eaten all over the world and are central to traditional recipes in many continents. They can be used to create really tasty meals quickly, easily and deliciously.

“My ready prepared range includes Mexican, French, Indian, Spanish, African and Italian recipes with a different variety of bean in each pot.

“Some people think of beans as a plain ingredient but it’s important not to underestimate them. When cooked in even quite simple recipes they can be turned into something truly delicious.”

Christina and the team at Easy Bean share these suggestions for connecting online with friends and family in the current circumstances:

Share bean recipes with a friend via email
Read Jack and the Beanstalk to children over the phone or internet
Plant a bean in your garden
Devise your own bean-based meal and share the recipe.