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The perfect festive snack


When we need a quick snack, crackers are always a popular choice. And it’s the perfect quick snack for the festive season when you may well be eating on the go as you flit from party to party!

A cheese and apple topping is the classic, of course, but you could mix it up be swapping out the apple for grapes and swapping the Cheddar for a smoked cheese.

Or how about a slightly melted soft cheese with lightly cooked green beans. Now we’re talking!

Other exciting options – all of which go just SO WELL with the Easy Bean range of crackers (made with chickpea flour) include salmon with sour cream (chives or parsley optional), tuna and mayonnaise, peanut butter (great for the kids!) and sausage / bacon and mustard.

Goodness, the possibilities are endless. Stock up today and have a cracking time.