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Trick, treat or tasty meal?


Ghosts and witches, spells and zombies - how we love the scary images of Halloween!

Nowadays it’s pure fun and a chance for the kids to go trick and treating to fill up bags of sweets given by kindly neighbours. But the event has its origins in prehistoric times as the day when spirits returned to earth and had to be assuaged with food and drink.

By the ninth century it had blended with Christianity and November 2 was designated All Souls’ Day, a time for honouring the dead.

Celebrations resembled the old Celtic commemorations of Samhain, complete with bonfires and masquerades, while poor people would visit the houses of wealthier families and receive pastries called soul cakes in exchange for a promise to pray for the souls of the homeowners’ dead relatives.

Nowadays, it’s a busy night for mums and dads – and the kindly neighbours who answer the door, So while the kids are out roaming the streets enjoy a time-saving but oh-so-tasty tasty Easy Bean one-pot meal. They’re magic!