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Cyber thanks!


All our Easy Bean products are made with old-fashioned loving care, but we have a lot to thank 21st century technology for…

We have many traditional outlets from independent high street stores to big supermarket chains, but many people nowadays like to order their products on the internet because it’s so easy and efficient – just place your order and Hey Presto! it turns up at your door a day or two later.

So we’d like to give a special cyberspace ‘thank you’ to our friendly online suppliers who help make sure our lovely customers get their tasty Easy Bean snacks and ready meals when they want them.

They include The Natural Grocery Store (naturalgrocery.co.uk), Naturally Good Food (naturallygoodfood.co.uk) and The Vegan Kind supermarket (thevegankindsupermarket.com).

Many people find the giant Amazon a quick way to order online (amazon.co.uk), while others prefer Local Food Direct (localfooddirect.co.uk), based in Somerset.