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Stay cool


We are being promised hot weather for the bank holiday weekend -  it’s time to remind ourselves of a few top tips for coping.

You might think it’s best to throw open the windows to let the air circulate – but no! Keep your windows closed like they do in hot countries, because the air is likely to be a lot warmer outside than inside your house.

We all know that only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun and here’s another piece of advice better understood in places where they are used to scorching temperatures - do not venture forth between about 11am and 3pm. Wearing light, loose-fitting clothes is another bit of common sense from warmer climes. Cotton is ideal.

And of course taking a cold shower or bath might help to keep your body temperature down.

Let’s hope the good weather really does materialise!

Salads are the order of the day for food and what better than Easy Bean crackers with a green salad,  cheese and perhaps a fig or two?