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Planning ahead and summer is sorted


School summer holiday planning is likely to be well underway in households up and down the country – and with self-catering an increasingly popular option, mealtime planning is a must.

Cooking can be fun but there are also times on holiday when you want an easy option – the great news is that the Easy Bean range combines easy with super-tasty and good for you.

For evening meals why not offer a selection of our one-pot meals served with jacket potatoes and rice with a side salad or two. There’s something to please everyone in our range. How about New Mexican Chilli and African Palava – a great combination.

For lunchtimes, our crispbreads come into their own. Easy to pop into a picnic hamper and delicious served with cheese, meat, egg or veggie toppings. This time around, carrrot sticks, chopped peppers and sweet apples make the perfect light meal.

Hungry inbetween times? OK – of course ice-creams are allowed as a holiday treat but our crackers are also moreish and filling.

That’s the holiday food sorted – now you just have the packing and the getting there!