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Happy Vegetarian Week!


Help save the planet, live a healthier life and save money  –  what’s not to like about vegetarianism?

This week is National Vegetarian Week, a few days set aside every year to celebrate the meat-free lifestyle.

It’s a popular choice nowadays, especially among young people, who may also be time-poor and welcome a quick and easy solution (Clue: Easy Bean meals!).

Quite a few of our products are vegetarian, like our New Mexican Chilli or Sambar Dahl one-pot meals, for example, as well as our crispbread range of course.

Some are vegan – so they don’t include any dairy products such as cheese or eggs either.

But the main thing is they are all mouth-wateringly tasty, so vegetarian or not, there’s something for everyone in the Easy Bean cupboard – at any time of the year!