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Busy bees need beans!


Busy, busy, busy! These days so many people are juggling jobs and interests that it can easy to let good eating habits slip.

That’s where Christina and her team come in, offering delicious meals which taste as good as home cooked.

PLUS - they are good for you and good for the planet. As Christina says: “Beans have more fibre than many wholegrains, are virtually fat free and are high in protein. In terms of saving the planet, pulses are one of the most sustainable, low greenhouse gas emission sources of protein in the world and they need less water and energy to thrive. The meals are easy to prepare, and can be microwaved or heated in a pan.

“Beans and vegetables are infused with herbs and spices, sometimes added to locally sourced meat, all cooked in rich stocks. They are high in fibre, low in fat and salt and also have the benefit of being gluten and dairy-free. Furthermore they provide two to three of your 5-a-day.”

Despite aggressive marketing and price reductions by its competitors Easy Bean is growing well at a time when many young professionals are ‘time poor’ and looking for healthy, delicious options for a quick lunch or supper. “The market is still very much alive for health and convenience. We understand that our customers enjoy the full flavours and homemade qualities of our Easy Bean meals,” adds Christina.