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Feed the birds!


This Sunday, February 3, is Feed the Birds Day, a reminder that our feathered friends could do with  little help at this time of the year - and particularly at the moment - when it is generally cold, damp and possibly even snowy.

It also the time when food is scarce, frozen on the ground or hidden under the snow. So get out your bird feeder and give them a boost. Easy Beaners love all things seeds and nuts and so do birds.

Also – it will give you a chance to get into birdwatching, a really lovely and rewarding hobby.

Once you have made an effort to put out a little something, get into the habit until spring comes. Seeds are the best food for birds at this time of year, as they offer a high energy food source. Breads don’t offer nearly as much energy, but will do in a pinch.

And when you’ve done it, tweet about it!