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Fireworks in the kitchen!


The skies will be lit up this weekend as we head towards Bonfire Night - and our Easy Bean meal pots are just perfect for quick meals that still taste great. Try these three for size:

New Mexican Chilli: This includes red beans with sweet peppers, tomatoes, spiked with jalapeƱo chilli.

Serve in tortillas with a dollop of sour cream and avocado slices.

Moroccan Tagine: A hotpot of slow-cooked chickpeas, Mediterranean vegetables, apricots and aromatic spices.

A tasty treat served on couscous and topped with toasted flaked almonds and a spring of mint.

Indian Sambar: Toor Dhal peas are simmered slowly with coconut and tamarind juice finished with chunky vegetables and mustard seeds.

Add rice, coconut chutney and fresh coriander for a feast