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Making our way to Wells


We’ll be making our debut at a premier local food festival next weekend when the Easy Bean crew roll up at the historic city of Wells, not far from our headquarters in deepest Somerset. It’s a celebration of all that’s best in the county’s food and drink so we’ll be in good company.

The Wells Food Festival will have over 175 stalls in the Market Place and the Town Hall, along the Moat and in the Recreation Ground and at the Bishop’s Palace which is where you will find the Easy Bean stall.

So come along and say ‘hi’ to the Easy Beaners and sample some of our range!

The Discovery Zone will feature demonstrations about the food we eat and its impact on farming practices, the landscape and the environment, and you can meet the animals at the Farm Yard, take part in a debate on local food and even join a foodie pub quiz.

Wells Food Festival, Sunday, 14 October, 10.30am - 4.30pm.  www.wellsfoodfestival.co.uk