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Launch of two new - and exciting - Crispbread flavours!

We are launching Cheddar Crunch and Seaweed & Sesame versions of our Chickpea Crispbread next month. The range has proved a real success in the independent sector; colourful packaging that shows off handmade, gluten-free crackers with appealing toppings of mixed seeds. These two new flavours are expected to be well received additions for the coming spring and summer months.

We are based on a farm in South Somerset with a production kitchen and bakery and are on a mission to produce natural and healthy food that champions pulses - beans, peas and lentils. The innovative crispbreads are handmade using nutty-tasting chickpea flour, so they are naturally gluten-free, wheat-free and high in fibre. The flour is combined with locally sourced butter and buttermilk to give a crisp and crumbly texture.

West Country Mature Cheddar gives bags of flavour to the new Cheddar Crunch Crispbread. The cheese is sourced from Ford Farm in Dorset. The addition of polenta enhances the crunch and to finish, the crispbread has a healthy topping of linseed, flax, millet and chia seed.

Christina Baskerville, founder, says “expect to be addicted, it’s all too easy to snack your way through a pack. They are good partnered with tomato soup or served with Serrano ham and olives.”

A nutritious blend of native seaweed is used to season the new Seaweed & Sesame Crispbread. Seaweed is mineral rich, a good source of iodine and a low-sodium salt replacer. The crispbread is flecked green and purple and with delicate umami flavours of the sea, then topped with toasted sesame seeds for a Japanese twist. Christina’s recommendation is serve them with a seafood salad, crab paté or a bowl of miso soup.

The original Chickpea Crispbread varieties – Moroccan Spice, Seeds & Black Pepper, Mung Bean & Chive – have each achieved a Gold Great Taste Award. The range is available nationally from wholesalers or directly from Easy Bean.

Packed 6 crispbread to a 110g carton. 8 cartons per case. Wholesale £16.80 per case. RRP £2.95 per carton.

we are exhibiting at The Natural Food Show, 2–3 April, Excel and The Farm Shop & Deli Show, 24–26 April, NEC. Retailers are warmly welcomed to sample the new crispbread.