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Celebrate Rio with our new Brazilian Vatapa meal!


Great news! We’re celebrating the forthcoming Olympic Games by launching our very own “sporting speciality” – the vibrant Brazilian Vatapá.

The new recipe is inspired by Brazil’s diverse and varied cuisines and includes their renowned “black turtle beans”– a feature of the country’s national dish and a favourite ingredient found in Brazilian cooking.

Our managing director Christina fell in love with Brazilian cuisine when she worked in tropical agriculture in South America in the late 1980s.

She says: “In Brazil as in other parts of South America, rice and black beans are a staple. We’ve taken inspiration from not only the black turtle bean, but also the delicious vegetables that are on offer. Our new recipe is our take on the Vatapá – one of the classic dishes of Brazilian Cuisine. It hails from the Bahian coastal region where many of the dishes have African origins as a result of the slave trade.

Black turtle beans contrast against the vibrant Bahian style shrimp sauce - a blend of coconut milk, dried shrimp and spices (including turmeric, paprika and ginger) cooked together with okra, roasted red peppers and chunky butternut squash.”

The pack is as vibrant as the recipe itself – with a shocking pink and orange sleeve. A real carnival of colour adding to the already colourful retail range.

The Brazilian Vatapá is just the latest addition to our award winning range of one-pot meals inspired by recipes from around the world. Prepared in small batches each recipe uses only natural ingredients, chunky vegetables and beans, peas and pulses infused with herbs and spices. The recipes are as healthy as they are “great tasting”; high in fibre, low in salt, gluten and dairy free - a typical 320g pot counts as “3 portions of your 5-a-day” and the range caters for vegetarians, vegans and, in the case of the Vatapá, is suitable for vegetarians who like fish!

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