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We are Healthy Snack Award winners!


We are winners in the Healthy Snacks Category of the Good Choice Quality Food Awards!

The judges said this about us: “Easy Bean continues its mission to produce tasty, healthy and convenient food that champions the bean with the introduction of a range of Chickpea Crispbreads.

“Handmade using Chickpea Flour, locally sourced butter and buttermilk and topped with toasted seeds, the savoury, all natural crispbread is gluten-free, wheat-free, high fibre and suitable for vegetarians. The creative use of chickpea flour in the crispbread provides a healthy savoury snack. All the judges agreed that it is well-utilised in this product.”

Another comment we received was “It has great texture and comes in attractive, simple, stylish packaging.”

We had a wonderful evening in London at the award ceremony and – best of all – we heard that our crispbread went down so well with the judges that any surplus was taken home…