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A short history of Easy Bean!


Easy Bean, makers of tasty and wholesome food that champions the bean. We believe in creating food that’s as delicious as it is healthy - and that eating a balanced diet of wholesome all natural food makes perfect sense.

When we speak of beans we refer more broadly to pulses, which include beans, peas and lentils. They are high in protein, virtually fat free and with more fibre than many whole grains.

Our two ranges: one-pot meals and chickpea crispbread are both gluten-free and a slow release source of energy.

Our Chickpea Crispbreads are crisp, crumbly and irresistibly moreish. Handmade in our Somerset bakery with nutty-tasting chickpea flour and buttermilk from the farm down the road, they are carefully seasoned and generously topped with toasted seeds for extra crunch.

Our other beanie range, the six one-pot meals, offer a culinary trek around the world; prepared in small batches from natural ingredients, chunky veg, nutritious pulses and free range meat. Lunch on the go or supper in a mo!