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Lots of good things to know about beans

There’s so many interesting, good and fun things to know about beans, we’ve brought them all together in our bean stuff section. If you’ve got any interesting snippets on beans do get in touch.
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Food of the pods!

Let’s start with a definition. When we speak of beans we refer in fact more broadly to pulses, which could also be called food legumes; they include beans, peas and lentils and they all come from a pod.

Dried bean pods Beans are dried in their pods at harvest and then threshed

High in protein, virtually fat free and with more fibre than many wholegrains, beans are one of nature’s healthiest foods. To check out why they are so good to include in your diet, go to beans for health.

How well do you know your beans? There is such an array of shapes, colours and sizes; we are quite sure we will be able to introduce you to something new as we source different types and varieties and develop new recipes. For information on the beans in our current range go to know your beans. For some fun things to know about beans have a look at our bean facts.

And for some very important stuff on how eating beans can help save the planet take a look at the environment.